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Rogers was nearly 18 years old when he was falsely convicted of a crime...

Rogers was nearly 18 years old and had no prior convictions when he was falsely convicted of a crime he did not commit. Lead by a very deranged and extremely deceitful NOPD officer Antoinette Frank who admitted to killing at the crime scene. Upon her arrest her story changed over and over until she implicated Rogers in the crime. That was over 16 years ago. Since then Rogers has been on Death Row. Rogers is the father of 3 kids one son born after his conviction and has never seen his father a free man. There is proof of Roger's innocence in new found information that has been kept hidden from Roger's defense team in the past. Well as the old saying goes "what ever happens in the dark must come to light".

Newly Discovered Evidence

Adam Frank (The brother of Antoinette Frank) was found with a 9mm that was alleged to have been used in the murders. Many people have come forward to say they have heard Adam bragging about killing a N.O. Police officer. In 1995 Rogers's case was tried before a judge that worked with the state to withhold evidence. The very gun that Adam was arrested with, the State contended was the murder weapon, had been given to Antoinette Frank by Judge Marrullo, who presided over Rogers LaCaze's trial. He signed an order placing the gun in her hands. Neither the state nor the judge informed counsel for Rogers that Antoinette was in possession of a 9mm Beretta-the same caliber gun used in the murders. The state also withheld statements from surviving witnesses, made the same night of the crime demonstrating that their identification of Rogers LaCaze on the scene of the crime was at best a guess. The state also withheld evidence which would have established that Rogers made series of unanswered phone calls to Antoinette's cell phone at the time the murders were taking place.

The Chau Vu Statement

One of the surviving witnesses didn't say she seen Rogers during the crime until after the police strongly suggested it to her more than once. She never saw Rogers during the crime, because he wasn't there.

Rogers did not use the Credit Card

More than three weeks after Rogers had been arrested and pictures of him and the crime scene had been shown everyday on never ending media coverage world wide. The police got the call from the officer's wife who said that her husband's credit card been used the night of the murders. The New Orleans police officers approached John Ross, a night cashier at the Chevron station. During the meeting Mr. Ross was asked to locate the receipt for the purchase of gas on the officer's credit card for March 4, 1995. He pretended to look in the trash can for it while the police openly discussed the homicide at the Kim Anh Restaurant with Mr. Ross who admitted that he had seen television coverage of the offense. It was at this time that the police decided to plant information in his head. They then presented six pictures for Ross to look at with the names of the men on them. They then ask if he recognized anyone in the photos, Mr. Ross pointed to the picture labeled Rogers LaCaze. Two days later the officers came back to obtain a statement from Ross regarding what happened during the early morning hours of March 4, 1995. Rogers defense team never saw this statement and for good reason. Ross statement contained serious discrepancies from his trial testimony. First Ross said he had seen a woman in the front seat of LaCaze's car when he came to purchase gas with Ronald Williams' credit card. At trial there was no mention of a passenger. Ross' earlier statement was that he had seen a woman in the car would have reduced the credibility of his trial testimony when he said that he seen LaCaze at the station alone. It would have illustrated the extent to which Mr. Ross' testimony was tainted by media coverage. In the midst of the media blitz, he has helpfully suggested that Rogers was accompanied by a woman, Antoinette Frank, not knowing that Frank was in police custody at the time. Even more importantly, Ross' statement to the police included a candid moment in which he admits that he had seen LaCaze's photo on the news, and even discussed it with a family member and determined that it was not the same person he seen use the credit card the night of the murders. Rogers did not use that credit card, and the credit card has never been found.

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